Two Person Hot Tubs

Two Person Hot Tubs for Indoors or Out

Two Person Hot Tubs: Luxury Made for 2

Nothing is more romantic then sitting in a two person hot tub with your loved one and enjoying the relaxing hydrotherapy that spas have to offer.

Traditional acrylic spas usually seat four or more people in a standard model but are going to cost you at least $4,000 for a basic model. Add to the cost of your new spa the price of having it installed and depending on what brand and model you choose you could easily spend as much as $18,000.

The majority of two person hot tubs that you find today are what are known as plug n play hot tubs. What this means is that they do not require any special plumbing or wiring to operate which is going to save you quite a bit of money. This helps make owning a spa more of a reality for a lot of folks.Two Person Hot Tubs - 2 Person Hot Tubs

Types of Two Person Hot Tubs

There are several different types of two person hot tubs that can be found for sale today, they range from wood hot tubs to blow up hot tubs.

Most common are the inflatable hot tubs and the portable, hard shell 2 person spas such as Lifesmart hot tubs and for this article we will be focusing on those 2 types.

Both styles of 2 person hot tubs have their own benefits however they share many common ones as well. For example, both styles of spas are plug n play, this means you will be able to simply plug your hot tub into a 110v electrical outlet in order to use it.Lifesmart Hot Tubs - Two Person Hot Tubs

Additionally they are both portable. Because they are plug n play hot tubs and don’t require what a traditional jacuzzi would require as far as plumbing and wiring, they are fairly easy to pack up and take with you. Of course the blow up hot tubs are a bit easier to move however the hard shell models can be relocated fairly easy.

Because they are plug n play and both can be moved easily, these two person hot tubs can be used indoors. It really doesn’t get any better than sitting in your 2 person spa in front of the fire with the person you love.

Lifesmart Two Person Hot Tubs

Lifesmart hot tubs are one of the more popular hard shell 2 person hot tubs on the market right now and have a very good reputation. They also have a lot of different models which means you have lots of choices.

If you think you might want something that fits more than two people, no sweat, Lifesmart hot tubs come in sizes that fit up to 7 people. Of course one this size is going to be more comparable to a traditional jacuzzi when it comes to cost.

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs - Two Person Hot Tubs

Inflatable Two Person Hot Tubs

Two Inflatable hot tubs are the most popular style of two person hot tubs found today. These blow up hot tubs are extremely inexpensive and are very easy to set up and take down. This makes them the perfect spa to take to the beach, camping or vacation home.

Although they are not going to be as durable as a hard shell spa don’t be fooled, these plug and play blow up hot tubs are made to be tough and resilient. Of course they are not indestructible so some caution is needed.

If you are looking at two person hot tubs as a way to save money and enjoy time with your significant other then both these types of spas are worth taking a closer look at.

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