Soft Sided Portable Hot Tubs

Soft Sided Portable Hot Tubs

What are Soft Sided Portable Hot Tubs?

Soft sided portable hot tubs, also called inflatable hot tubs are a popular type of hot tub that is portable.

A good part of the reason they are so popular is the price that these types of hot tubs cost. You can typically find one of these blow up hot tubs in the price range of $400-$1,200. Compare this to a traditional acrylic hot tub that is going to easily run you between $4000-$15,000.

Another thing that makes these types of hot tubs so popular is the fact that they are portable.Soft Sided Portable Hot Tub

Soft sided portable hot tubs can easily be deflated and taken with you where ever you go. Maybe your friends are throwing a party and you want to take your hot tub over, maybe you have a summer or winter home and want to take your spa with you or maybe you own an RV and want to take your hot tub on the road with you.

With an inflatable hot tub you can do all that and more, all you need is to have access to a standard 110v electrical outlet and you will be able to use your portable hot tub, for this reason they are often called plug n play hot tubs or 110 volt hot tubs.

Additionally, soft sided portable hot tubs can be set up just about anywhere, you do not need a fancy deck or concrete pad to place the hot tub on and there is no expensive set up costs. You can even use your spa as an indoor hot tub if you wish.

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Downside to Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs

One thing you will notice with these types of spas is that you do not get any of the fancy devices that you might find with a traditional acrylic hot tub.

Features such as lighting on the inside or outside of the tub, stereo and speakers, hot tub lift covers, fancy seating and an abundance of jets will not be found in soft sided portable hot tubs. Please note that they do come with jets just not the amount you might find in a traditional hot tub.

Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs are Inexpensive

Of course not having all these features is a part of why they are much less expensive than a regular hot tub.

Another area that some people might consider a downside is the fact that most soft sided hot tubs only have room for 4 people. However, if you do not plan on inviting over the whole neighborhood to enjoy your hot tub then room for 4 is usually enough.
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Soft Sided Portable Hot Tubs for Sale

The 5 blow up hot tubs listed here are widely considered to be the best inflatable hot tubs being sold today. Take a look at these soft sided portable hot tubs and decide if one of them would be a good investment for you and your family. You can click on each model to find out more and read inflatable hot tub reviews on each model.

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