Soft Sided Hot Tubs and Spas

Soft Sided Hot Tubs

Soft Sided Hot Tubs

What are Soft Sided Hot Tubs

Soft sided hot tubs are simply a soft tub that has a soft side instead of a hard shell or framed hot tub.

You will commonly here these types of jacuzzi spas referred to as inflatable hot tubs, blowup hot tubs,110 volt hot tubs, plug n play hot tubs or portable hot tubs.

The names are pretty self explanatory, they are inflatable, they only need a 110 volt outlet making them plug n play and they are portable.

Unfortunately these affordable soft sided hot tubs don’t offer all the features of the more expensive traditional spas. You won’t find fancy lighting systems, stereo systems or built in cup holders in these inflatable jacuzzi hot tubs.

Soft Sided Hot Tubs Offer

These styles of soft side hot tubs inflate in minutes and contain all of the heated jet action similar to permanently installed models. It is possible for you to enjoy a relaxing whirlpool spa wherever you like without complicated or costly installation.

Most soft sided hot tubs have enough room for up to four adults, some up to 6 adults, and have ample room to relax.

Most of these inflatable hot tubs holds from 200 to 250 gallons of heated water and have from 100-130 air jets which are perfect for soothing tired muscles and rejuvenating your skin.

Best Soft Sided Hot Tubs

Soft Sided Hot Tubs Setup

It takes three easy steps to set up:

  1. Inflate
  2. Plug in
  3. Fill

You can fill your new inflatable hot tub from a standard garden hose (not included).

these soft sided hot tubs can be inflated in about ten minutes and a pump system includes a filter unit to make sure the re-circulated water remains fresh.

Soft Sided Hot Tubs & Portability

One of the best things about these soft tubs is the fact that they are so portable and they don’t require any permanent place to set them up.

If your rent your home, live in an apartment or just have a small yard then these blow up hot tubs are perfect for you. They don’t take much space and they can be easily moved if you ever relocate to a new house.

Additionally, they can be taken with you when you visit your relatives, your summer/winter cottage or even over to your buddies house for the weekend BBQ.

Soft Sided Hot Tubs for Sale

Soft Sided Hot Tubs for Sale

There are several different brands of soft sided hot tubs for sale. Some of the most popular brands are Intex, Coleman, Bestway and Homax however you will also find other brands such as M-Spa makes quality blow up hot tubs as well.

Which ever brand you choose you can always be sure to find the best prices right here at

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