Increased Popularity with Soft Side Hot Tubs

Soft Side Hot Tub

Soft Side Hot Tub

Among today’s hot tub owners, soft side hot tubs are quickly growing in popularity.

A soft side hot tub may be constructed of a variety of materials such as vinyl with a foam core, an aluminum frame with padded side walls, or even inflatable vinyl.

Each of these variations is portable and requires very little expertise to set up, even in very small spaces. These soft side hot tubs usually do not require any special electrical wiring.

An economical alternative to the traditional hard shell tubs are soft side hot tubs which are good choices for buyers who are not quite sure if a hot tub is right for them.

Soft side hot tub models are most popular with people who rent their home rather than own it and with recreational vehicle owners who want a portable way to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy wherever they go.

Even though the sides are soft, these portable hot tubs are strong enough to hold the weight of an average person as they swing their legs in or out of the tub. They generally do not have built in seats; instead, the bottom is padded so bathers can sit on it and lean back against the side wall.

Soft side tubs come complete with a heater and motor to get the water hot quickly and generate the swirling action that makes using one so relaxing and enjoyable.

The water chemicals that are required for a soft side hot tub are somewhat different from those used in a hard shell hot tub. In a soft side hot tub, the liner is generally constructed from vinyl, so special chemicals are recommended to extend the lifespan of the liner.

The prices of these chemicals are fairly comparative in price to standard chemicals. However, they are not always readily available for purchase. Special custom covers are also available to help retain heat and keep the water clear of dirt, debris, and oils.

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