Quit Wasting Energy with Soft Side Hot Tubs

Soft Side Hot Tub

Soft Side Hot Tub

You can participate in energy conservation when it comes to your soft side hot tubs in a variety of ways. Since cutting back energy use is a priority that everyone will benefit from, it is helpful to understand the different options. The first option you have is to ensure that you retain the heat in your hot tub!

Out of the several models of soft side hot tubs that are on the market today, the majority of them have well insulated shells, so it is important to pay close attention to the spa cover. In order to keep as much heat inside the tub as possible, hot tub cover is a necessity; think about heat rises.

Another popular way to retain the heat in your soft side tub is to consider purchasing a floating insulation blanket as an additional accessory. The blanket is placed right on top of the water and reduces the amount of evaporation which ultimately will keep the moisture off of the hot tubs cover. In addition to helping out with heat retention, this option will also keep the cover from becoming waterlogged.

Are you going out of town on vacation? Before you leave make sure that you have turned the heat off in your spa, most soft side hot tubs are delivered from the factory with a high temperature that is preset at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If you reduce the temperature of the tub, the consumption of energy will also be decreased. This can be a significant factor when it comes to saving energy!

One more way to retain heat and save energy would be to create some type of wind blockers for your soft side hot tub. A perfect example of a wind blocker would be a gazebo, privacy panels, or for a more permanent solution – a fence. The benefit to using privacy panels is that they will be just as portable as your hot tub. The prime times for utility rates are from 6am – 10am and then again between 5 pm and 9pm; avoid these charges and shut your timer off during these time periods.

In addition, minimizing the jet use and keeping soft side hot tub filters clean will also greatly diminish the amount of energy that is used. So, in reality your hot tub filter does more than just keep your water clean, it also can save you money by conserving energy.

Since the main idea of this article is about conserving our resources, I would like to give special mention to the conservation of water. It is always good to avoid wasting water whenever possible. If you notice any leaks coming from your soft side hot tub, repair the leaks immediately. It is also important to check your spa jets, make sure that they are not shooting water outside of the tub rather than inside.

Finally, I suggest that you only drain your tub when necessary. This of course depends on how often you use tub, but a rule of thumb is to make sure soft side hot tubs get completely drained every three to four months. As long as you have not added any chemicals to your hot tub 48-72 hours prior to draining it, you can drain the water directly to your lawn.

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