Convenience of Soft Side Hot Tubs

Soft Side Hot Tub

Are there really such things as soft side hot tubs?


Yes, and they are gaining popularity very quickly, especially for people that have a limited amount of designated space to use.

A soft side hot tub may be made from several materials including: vinyl with a foam core, an aluminum frame with padded side walls, and even inflatable vinyl.

All of the previously mentioned variations are portable and easy to set up. These types of hot tubs are perfect for small spaces and they usually do not require any special electrical wiring.

Soft side hot tubs are an economical alternative to the traditional hot tubs that have hard outer shells.

The soft side hot tubs are an excellent choice for buyers who are unsure if a hot tub is a good fit for them. Soft side hot tubs are also popular with people who rent their homes and recreational vehicle owners who want a portable easy way to enjoy hydrotherapy wherever they travel.

As the name describes, the sides of the hot tub are soft but durable. They are strong enough to hold the weight of an average person as they swing their legs in and out of the soft side hot tub. Most soft side hot tubs do not have built in seats for users; instead the bottom is padded so that you can sit on it comfortably and lean back against the walls of the tub.

Everything that you need to correctly set up your soft side hot tub is included in the total price. For example, a heater and motor are included to get the water hot quickly and generate the swirling action in the water that makes using a hot tub so relaxing and enjoyable.

One major difference between soft side hot tubs and regular hot tubs is that the hot tub chemicals used are somewhat different. Standard chemicals will damage the vinyl liner, so special chemicals are available to ensure that you are prolonging the lifespan of the liner.

Sometimes, these chemicals are fairly difficult to find, so do your research on where you can purchase these special chemicals for soft side hot tubs from prior to your purchase. They are pretty comparative in price to the chemicals that are used on regular hot tubs.

Soft side hot tubs require proper maintenance of chemicals in order to provide the best experience for you. If you want to retain heat in your hot tub and protect the water from outside dirt and debris, simply check out the various styles of custom covers that are available on the market today for soft side hot tubs.

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