What is a Soft Side Hot Tub

What is a Soft Side Hot Tub

Soft Side Hot Tub

A soft side hot tub is simply a style of hot tub that has soft sides.

Often called inflatable hot tubs, plug n play hot tubs and portable hot tubs, these spas have a soft side similar to what you would find with an inflatable mattress only much more durable.

This type of hot tub has many advantages over acrylic hot tubs.

Take a look at the info-graphic below for a quick rundown on some of the benefits of owning a soft side hot tub versus an acrylic spa.Best Soft Side Hot Tubs

Benefits of a Soft Side Hot Tub

The first and foremost of these is the price.

You will find that you can typically purchase a soft side hot tub for thousands of dollars less than the cost of an acrylic hot tub.

Some of the other advantages include, the ability to set up the hot tub virtually anywhere, the ability to take the hot tub with you and not having to have any expensive installation services for setting up your new inflatable jacuzzi hot tub.

Another thing that people really love is the fact that they are plug n play hot tubs, meaning that you can simply plug them in and start enjoying your hot tub almost immediately.

Being able to move your soft side hot tub when ever you want, including indoors, and taking it with you where ever you go is another feature that has made these inflatable spas so popular.Soft Side Hot Tub Benefits

Many people today have a vacation home or do a lot of traveling in their RV, being able to load up your soft sided hot tub and take it with you is a wonderful feature.

Although you will find different models to choose from they all have the same basic design and are typically made from the same materials, namely PVC vinyl.

What a Soft Side Hot Tub is Missing

Although these types of blowup hot tubs do have features that a normal spa would have such as jets and a heater, you will not find any that have some of the many features that an acrylic hot tub might come with.

Items such as stereo or TV systems, seats that you can lay down in or colored lighting are not available with inflatable hot tubs.

Soft Sided Hot Tubs vs Acrylic Hot Tubs

However, in my opinion they benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Again the cost is a major factor in giving these soft side hot tubs an advantage over a standard spa.

If you are in the market for a new soft side hot tub I would highly suggest taking a closer look at one of the many models of inflatable hot tubs that are available today.

I think you will find that the cost is affordable for most people and that the benefits are many. You can find several models of soft side hot tubs available directly our website.

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