Types of Portable Hot Tubs

Portable Hot TubsThere are three types of portable hot tubs which are common and popular as well. They are the blow up, hard side and the fiberglass self contained portable hot tubs.

The blow up variety is the easiest to set up; sometimes it takes even less than twenty minutes to set it up.
In the hard side portable hot tub a hard side and a liner contain the water in the tub. The hard sides of the hot tub come in pieces and that is why it makes it easy to set up, and the hot tub can be installed without any problems.

It means that the sides are erected, the liner is installed and your new portable hot tub is ready to be enjoyed.

The fiberglass style of a portable hot tub is bigger than a normal bath tub. But it is smaller than many other hot tubs. You can install it in your house because it is small enough to go through standard doors.

This is often chosen by people who want an indoor hot tub, but cannot get a large tub inside.

This type of portable hot tub can be placed on standard supported floors. If you like, you can check local building codes, so that you know the amount of weight per square foot your floor can support.

All that you need at the installed place is a standard electrical outlet. Some of the portable tubs can hold up to six adults at a given time.

Portable hot tubs are also available on rent. The offers are so varied, that you might find it difficult to choose the right one and the correct accessories which go with it. In any case, all portable hot tubs have seats, lights and hydrotherapy jets. And there are full-featured portable hot tubs which can pamper you with hot water fun, hydrotherapy and relaxation.Portable Hot Tubs

Some soft portable hot tubs weigh as little as fifty pounds when they are empty. These soft tubs are comfortable, because they are soft and there are no hard surfaces or obstacles in the way. The interior is spacious providing soothing and luxurious comfort. The seating is barrier-free and open and you can position yourself in several ways for serene relaxation or stimulating massage.

All around the interior of the tub there are powerful hydro jets which are strategically positioned to provide an exhilarating, churning jet action. Most of the portable hot tubs just need to be plugged into a 110V outlet. You do not require any special wiring or plumbing. The set up just takes a few minutes and then you can enjoy relaxing in the portable hot tub and forget the stress of everyday life.

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