Save Money with Inflatable Hot Tubs

Save With Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Inexpensive Inflatable Hot Tubs

If you are in the market for a new jacuzzi hot tub, you should consider the benefits that come with owning one of the many different inflatable hot tubs that you will find being sold today.

For example, many people find that inflatable hot tubs are a better fit for their lifestyle than an acrylic hot tub simply because they are less expensive. Additionally they love the fact that these plug n play hot tubs are portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How does that sound as far as convenience is concerned?

Inflatable Hot Tubs are Portable

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If you decided to move from your current home and owned an acrylic style hot tub it would cost you quite a bit of money if you wanted to move your spa with you, not to mention the hassle. With portable blow up hot tubs you have the ability to move your spa with out any hassle or added cost.

With inflatable hot tubs, you can simply drain the water, deflate the spa, pack it up and move it. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Of course because these 110 volt hot tubs are so easy to  set up and take down you might find yourself taking over to your buddies house for that next backyard BBQ or taking with you the next time you visit family for the holidays.

Cost of Inflatable Hot Tubs

As far as the overall cost of a blow up hot tub is concerned you will find that even the most expensive models are well below the cost of a cheap acrylic hot tub. You can find inflatable portable hot tubs for as little as $400 while an acrylic jacuzzi will run you at least $4,000 just for the spa alone. Add to that the cost of installation and what ever other expenses you might incur and you are looking at a minimum of $6,000

Keep in mind, if you have this kind of money to spend on a hot tub, by all means, go ahead and splurge. On the other hand, if you are sticking to a financial budget, an inflatable hot tub can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

In simple terms, this means you can get the comfort and fun of having your very own hot tub without breaking the bank.

Maintaining Inflatable Hot Tubs

It is also extremely important to have the correct types of hot tub chemicals on hand to ensure that the water within the spa is clean and free of bacteria before you enjoy a relaxing soak. You also need to make sure that you clean your hot tub filters every 2-3 days and change them once a month or so. Of course you should always follow the instructions of your particular model.

Inflatable Hot Tubs - 110 Volt Hot Tubs

Shopping for Inflatable Hot Tubs

Overall, the affordability, ease of assembly and portability, make inflatable hot tubs an increasingly popular option for many different homeowners.

Avoid making a snap-judgment decision as far as purchasing a hot tub is concerned. You will soon discover that there are many different brands of blow up hot tubs for sale and it is best to research each model before making a purchase.

Along with the different models comes different price tags; always shop around so that you can secure the best price and warranty.

I suggest that you write a list of the pro’s and con’s on each plug n play hot tub you are considering and then decide which suits your needs best. Consider price, warranty, options and of course pay attention to what customers have to say about each of the inflatable hot tubs you are looking at.

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    Be sure to do your research when you’re looking at buying a hot tub or spa. You need to think about the kinds and locations of jets, as well as the placement of your spa and the equipment you will need. True hydrotherapy is only obtained when you mix air and water at the jet nozzle. This set up is the only way to achieve the greatest benefit from your hot tub.

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