Introducing the New and Improved Inflatable Hot Tubs

Improved Inflatable Hot Tubs

What makes inflatable hot tubs more popular than professionally installed traditional style hot tubs?

Well, there are quite a few reasons which include affordable costs and avoiding complicated and costly  installation fees.

As you may have already guessed, an inflatable hot tub is also portable which is a huge convenience factor for many homeowners as the models can typically be fully inflated and ready for use within a matter of minutes (not including the heating of the water).

On top of the convenience factor, inflatable soft side hot tubs are equipped with the exact same jets that offer vigorous massage action just like the larger hot tubs. This meas you will be able to enjoy the same hydrotherapy offered by permanent spas.

110 Volt Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable portable hot tubs are designed and manufactured in several sizes that you can choose the best spa for your needs. If you are interested in purchasing an blow up hot tub for you and your spouse to use, there are models that are a perfect fit for two people. Perhaps you are interested in entertaining guests in your plug and play hot tub?

Larger Size Inflatable hot Tubs

Well, you can even find an inflatable hot tub that accommodates up to nine people at one time while providing an ample amount of room for socializing and relaxation. Did I mention that an inflatable portable hot tub is the perfect piece of property to bring along on your trip to your summer home? This is simply because it is very easy to deflate the tub and drain the water out of the unit which makes for easy storage.

Inflatable hot tubs are constructed from materials that are military endorsed and specially designed to last which means that the durability of these types of models is top notch. Unlike traditional hard shell hot tubs, there is no need to have a special foundation built to support the inflatable models.

Always check to see if a warranty is available for specific models as the warranty will cover other problems that may arise due everyday use with your plug n play hot tub.

Blow Up Inflatable Hot Tubs for Sale

As far as different types of 110 volt hot tubs are concerned, each type has different price tags associated with them. When you go shopping for a blow up hot tub for sale, keep in mind that different features on different models will reflect in the overall cost for that model.

In other words, if you are seeking an inflatable hot tub that has a built in stereo system, waterfall and mood lights, you can count on your cost increasing! Price tags for inflatable hot tubs can range from a few hundred dollars to 2-3 thousand dollars.

Inflatable and Portable Hot Tubs

Now you can turn your home, your friend’s home, backyard, or even a camping spot into your own personal paradise with an inflatable hot tub. Become the popular party host on your block or simply enjoy the relaxing hydrotherapy of your new inflatable hot tub with your loved ones.

Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs - Portable Spa

The choice is up to you! You will not be disappointed and you can enjoy every minute that you spend in your new inflatable hot tub! Do you still have questions? Contact your local spa and pool retail location and get some answers to your questions so that you can also enjoy your own personal paradise at home with an inflatable portable hot tub!

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