Inflatable Hot Tubs: Big Benefits in a Compact Size

Compact Inflatable Hot Tubs

What do compact inflatable hot tubs have to offer versus traditional hot tubs?

Do you find yourself getting caught up in the day to day chaos of everyday life? Are you seriously thinking about purchasing a hot tub but have a limited amount of space inside of your home?

Well, you can purchase an inflatable hot tub versus a fixed unit from any retail hot tub store in your area at a much lower cost.

Inflatable hot tubs are a great option for anyone who moves quite regularly or for people who just don’t have the proper amount of space available.

Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs - Portable Spa

Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Benefits

Inflatable hot tubs are constructed from lightweight materials and are extremely easy to set up. They can hold as much as 250 gallons of water inside of the unit and most of them have massage systems to help you relieve any muscle aches or stress.

Don’t worry, the manufacturer does not expect you to blow up the inflatable hot tub by using your mouth! A motor that does double-duty is included with the spa; it will inflate the tub for you and it will also fill the tub with water. If you prefer, you can also use the garden hose in the backyard to fill up the tub.

Another great benefit to inflatable hot tubs is that they do not require a plumbing connection in order to be used. Just like it’s traditional style counterparts, these styles of hot tubs come with built-in water jets that will produce the bubbles that help to relax your aches and pains.

What is the next step after the inflatable hot tub has been properly set up and filled with water? Well, now it is time to add the proper amount of chemicals to the water. Hot tub chemicals will help to keep the water in your spa healthy.

The system that heats up the water inside of the tub must be plugged into an electrical socket. Do not overheat your hot tub as too much heat can cause drowsiness—a safe enjoyable temperature for most people is 104F. Additionally, your spa will also come with hot tubs filters; the filters will help to ensure that the water inside of the hot tub does not go stale.



Blow Up Inflatable Hot Tubs Lose Heat Quickly

I do have to mention that there is one small drawback to owning an inflatable hot tub.  You will be able to enjoy all of the relaxation that you need with inflatable hot tubs, but, since they are smaller in size than traditional installed hot tubs, it does not take a long time for the water in the tub to lose heat.

On the other hand, it takes virtually no time at all to heat up one of these units. Inflatable hot tubs tend to have a more limited amount of installation than regular hot tubs. To help alleviate this problem, I highly suggest taking a look at the variety of inflatable hot tub covers that are available. As you can see the drawback is very minute in comparison to all the advantages that go along with these types of at-home spas!

Overview of Inflatable Hot Tubs

Let’s do a quick review of the information that I have shared with you in this article. Inflatable hot tubs are a perfect fit for people who have a limited amount of space to work with and they are portable; you will be able to move and relocate the tub to where you want it, easily and quickly.

Soft Side Inflatable Hot Tub

You can save on the cost of energy as it does not take long to heat up the tub and they are very comfortable to sit in. Everything that is required to set up, maintain, and operate the tub are included in your purchase and the price tag is very reasonable.  I would have to say that the biggest benefit is being able to enjoy warm relaxing hydrotherapy with friends and loved ones in the comfort of your own home!

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