Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets

Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Have Jets

Inflatable hot tubs have a lot to offer folks who are looking to purchase a new hot tub. First and foremost with many individuals is the extremely low price tag that is associated with these types of plug and play hot tubs.

There are many additional benefits to owning an inflatable hot tub and we will get to that but first let me clear something up. The first thing that most people interested in possibly purchasing one of the many different models of blow up hot tubs for sale always ask is “do inflatable hot tubs have jets”.

An Inflatable Hot Tub has Jets

To answer this question, YES! Inflatable hot tubs do have jets. Virtually every inflatable plug n play hot tub comes with some type of jet system. Of course the number of jets will depend on the model of hot tub you get however you will find that on average these types of spas have 90-120 jets.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets

Having jets is essential to get the relaxing hydrotherapy experience that many people purchase their hot tub for in the first place. With out jets these types of plug n play hot tubs would be nothing more than an outdoor bathtub.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Provide Hydrotherapy

One thing that you do need to take into consideration when looking at inflatable hot tubs is that although they do have jets they will not be like the jets you imagine with a standard acrylic spa. These are what are called bubble jets and although they do provide hydrotherapy and a very relaxing experience they do not have the power that you would see with jets in a regular jacuzzi.

Something else to consider is that with many of the different blow up hot tubs for sale you will find that use of the jets will have an effect of cooling the water slightly, from most reports the temperature will drop roughly 3-5 degrees while the jets are running.

Blow Up Hot Tubs for Sale - Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tub Benefits

Of course if you simply don’t have space for a full size jacuzzi or just can’t afford the high price tag then an inflatable hot tub is a great alternative. Additionally they do come with their own unique benefits.

Inflatable hot tubs are very portable due to the fact that they only need a standard 110v outlet and a way to fill the hot tub with water, typically a garden hose. The electrical outlet is needed to blow up the hot tub and to power the heating and jet system. However as long as you have a way to blow up the spa you could always use your inflatable hot tub as a lounge pool in the hot summer months with out needing electricity, imagine being the only people at your favorite camp ground with a hot tub or at the very least a lounge pool.

Because of the smaller size (less water capacity) inflatable hot tubs make a great indoor hot tub. Maybe the weather gets a little to wet or cold during the winter for you to really enjoy your spa. Simply set up your plug n play hot tub inside your home. This of course can also make for a very romantic setting.

Indoor Inflatable Hot Tubs - Blow Up Hot Tubs for Sale

Inflatable Hot Tubs are Inexpensive

Of course, as mentioned, the price is one of the biggest reasons that people choose an inflatable hot tub. A standard acrylic hot tub will cost roughly $4,000 for a smaller model and can run upwards of $15,000 for larger models and this is not including the cost of installation which can easily be another $1,000-$3,000. On the other hand you can purchase a blow up hot tub for as little as $400 and the most expensive ones will typically cost less than $1,500.

If however you are strictly looking for the hydrotherapy benefits and really need powerful jets then an inflatable jacuzzi hot tub probably isn’t right for you. Additionally it should be noted that these hot tubs don’t come with seats like a standard jacuzzi would have, again if you are looking for a hot tub just for the hydrotherapy then you may wish to have seats that will make the most use of the jets.

The fact is that inflatable hot tubs have many benefits but they do have their drawbacks as well. Depending on how you are going to be using your hot tub, they may or may not be the right choice for you and only you can decide that. However I hope we answered the question, “do inflatable hot tubs have jets”, for you.

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