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Cal Spa Hot Tub

Cal Spa Hot Tub

Sitting in a Cal Spa hot tub is an experience like no other! Each of the seats is finely crafted to gently cradle your body in key areas.

The armrests are molded which ensures maximum support while Tactile Therapy Bumps allow you to massage any unwanted tension and stress out of your feet, palms, and wrists.

Cal Spa Hot tubs even have devoted special care to placing jets in strategic locations in order to target areas where you need relief the most such as the neck, shoulders and lower back.

All Cal Spa hot tubs that are made to sit above-ground come with a standard cover in order to help maintain heat retention; this in turn lowers the operating costs and keeps debris and foreign particles from spoiling the water in the hot tub. One of the biggest advantages to owning a Cal Spa hot tub is that each tub features several jet configurations to satisfy all of your hydrotherapy demands.

Many of the models feature full body massages that can be attained by simply moving from seat to seat. Best of all, these hot tubs offer a generous selection of shoulder and neck massage options for spa models that can accommodate them.

There’s no experience quite like soaking in a Cal Spa hot tub under a clear night sky. For your evening soaks in the spa, there is LED lighting that relaxes your mind with soothing chromatherapy. Lighting options can be found along the top perimeter of the hot tub in the form of topside lighting and illuminated cup holders and valves.

Even better is the fact that the LED lighting features can be programmed to alternate between each color on the color wheel or shine a particular hue to match whatever mood you are in at the time.

As far as hot tub heaters are concerned, Cal Spa hot tubs have the best in the industry.  With the XL Heat Exchanger, warmth is immediately transferred from the heating chamber to the water in the tub. Instead of immersing the heating coils in the water of the hot tub, the heating element is wrapped around the flow chamber to eliminate corrosion of the coils.

Additionally, the oversized surface area of the heating chamber means more water can be heated quicker. Last, but of course not least, high-density insulation drives heat into the water instead of dispersing heat into the air which will reduce the operating costs and increase the efficiency of the Cal Spa hot tub.

Cal Spa hot tubs also come equipped with a dramatic water fixture that creates a tropical environment, one that will transport you to the exotic paradise of your imagination. A feature that many Cal Spa hot tub owners thoroughly enjoy is the waterfall. The waterfall comes in classic cascade style or vertical fountain styles, depending on which model you purchase.

Cal Spa hot tubs stand out in the market against many other models and types of spas. If you are looking for the ultimate at-home spa, then you need to look into the wonderful world of Cal Spa hot tubs!

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