Personal Paradise in a 2 Person Hot Tub

Gemini Two Person Hot Tub

Gemini Two Person Hot Tub

A 2 person hot tub is a perfect fit if you are seeking the pleasures of a compact and portable hot tub.  Assess what your needs are, and how often you will use the tub.

If your space is limited, there are sleek luxurious 2 person hot tubs available which are easier to maintain than a larger, more traditional type of spa.

These tubs are also less expensive to operate and will fit practically anywhere, something that is not possible for the large versions of hot tubs.

There in fact is so much room in one of these hot tubs that a tall bather can stretch out and sit deeply in the hot tub’s water.

The Gemini is a 2 person hot tub that is manufactured by ThermoSpas. The Gemini is considered to be one of the best hot tubs for personal relaxation while offering enough room for two adults. The Gemini can fit where other hot tubs cannot due to its sleek size and can be customized with built-in pillows and many other amenities of a full size hot tub.

Each side of the Gemini offers a slightly different seating design and jet configuration. Each seating area is contoured for deep soaking. So if you have any members of your family that are tall, this hot tub would be a perfect fit. They will be able to stretch out while enjoying a neck, shoulder or foot massage.

You have more freedom of choice with the Gemini 2 person hot tub as it can be installed indoors or outside. It has an elegant cabinet that provides the look and feel of fine furniture. This hot tub holds 175 gallons of water at the capacity level and contains a thermo insulation system.

The system helps to maintain the heat of the water inside the spa. Additional accessories that are included in the purchase price of this tub are a built-in ice bucket, cup holder and a convenient shelf area. As you can see, just the right touches have been given special attention in the design of this model of spa.

I suggest that you take some time to put some consideration towards the placement of your new 2 person hot tub. When the tub gets delivered, you want to be able to direct the men who will be moving the tub to the location you have decided upon. Once it has been placed, you can go ahead and start filling the hot tub with water.

If any chemicals are needed, make sure that you add them and follow the directions prior to using your new spa. You are now ready to enjoy the soothing hydrotherapy effects.

Step into the hot tub and slowly immerse yourself in the warm, soothing water. Sit back, put your head on the comfortable pillow and simply push a button…Now relax and enjoy a relieving neck massage that will melt your stress away.

That sounds fantastic doesn’t it? I strongly recommend that you check out a 2 person hot tub before making any final decisions on which type will be the best for you.

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  • Valerie Sklarevsky says:

    Where can I buy one. I live in Malibu, Ca.?

    What is the cost ? Will this work with 120 volts?

    Delivery included and set up? Cost?

    Thanks, Valerie

  • Ken martin says:

    Where are the specs? How much delivered to area code 95403.

  • Sue King says:

    I am interested in a Hot Tub/Spa for 2 and like the purple one, please tell me how much it would cost for it complete with cover and steps.

    Thanking you.

    Sue King. Mob. 0400049820

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