Affordability and Hydrotherapy with Used Hot Tubs

Used Hot Tubs

Used Hot Tubs

The popularity of used hot tubs is rapidly increasing due to the state of today’s economy.

In fact, it is not uncommon for many homeowners to find themselves on a tight budget that must be adhered to month-in and month-out.

With that being said, the best alternative for financially restricted consumers is to purchase a used hot tub.

In order to make this process as straightforward as possible, I have compiled an overview of some important steps to follow in order to find the perfect spa that will be affordable as well as meet all of your needs. The first step is to jot down all of the features that you would like in your hot tub and list them in order of priority.

In other words, the most important feature on your list may be pulsating and rotating jets and the least important feature may be LED mood lighting. Keep in mind, you may not be able to satisfy all of your personal requirements, but at least you will be able to evaluate the different used hot tubs that you look over to find the best match to your preferences.

Next, make a note of the different hot tub retailers in your area and the brand names that they have available for purchase as well as which brands they service. This is great information to have in case you need any repairs done on your used hot tub in the future. Many used hot tubs are sold in great condition, but eventually may need some repair work due to normal wear-and-tear.

Now it is time to find the perfect used hot tub for you and your family’s needs. Where should you start? Well, there are quite a few discount hot tub retailers that may have used hot tubs for sale. If you can’t find the hot tub that is going to fit your preferences through a dealer, you can always try the internet or even check the classified ads in your local area newspaper.

Next, you want to ask the present owner exactly why the hot tub is for sale. Make sure that you pay close attention to the answer that the present owner gives you! The last thing you need is to get stuck with a used hot tub that has malfunctioned or delivers constant poor performance.

Keep in mind, there are people out there that will be dishonest in order to ‘make a buck’. This can simply be avoided by speaking to the present owners on-site as you pick up on the real reason for the sale and decide whether you want to complete the sales transaction or not.

As you are looking at used hot tubs, make sure that you evaluate the performance of each and every unit before you make a final decision. Ask the present owner to turn on the used hot tub so that you can see whether or not the pumps and jets work properly. On a side note, avoid a quick “turn it on, turn it off” check so that you can be sure that the unit doesn’t quite working after a period of five minutes.

I suggest that you leave the hot tub on for a period of approximately thirty minutes. In addition to checking the performance of the used hot tub, you want to make sure that you check for leaks and cracks in the vinyl or fiberglass shell of the unite. As you may or may not already know, leakage is the number one problem with spas and pools.

Once you have narrowed down which used hot tubs you are interested in, it is important to do a “wet test” on each of the tubs. A “wet test” will highlight issues such as depth-which is vital if you intend to use the hot outdoors in colder weather as exposed shoulders quickly get cold and whether or not all of the hydrotherapy options of the used hot tub are suitable for your needs.

Remember, it is impossible to thoroughly evaluate a hot tub without getting into it! You won’t know how well you fit into the seats or whether the intensity of the jets is appropriate. As far as used hot tubs are concerned, if a seller will not allow you to try out the hot tub, do not purchase the unit!

Make sure you ask the seller about any existing warranties and if you decide to purchase the used hot tub, request the proper paperwork that is needed in order to transfer the warranty to your name. If any verbal promises are made by the seller such as the used hot tub may be returned with no questions asked if not fully satisfied with the product, make sure that you get the promise in writing. Typically, used merchandise is sold “as is” in a private party sale unless there is a written agreement that outlines any promises or guarantees.

Congratulations! You have looked at many used hot tubs and have finally chosen the unit that will best fit your financial budget as well as your personal preferences! What is the next step? Well, once you have gotten the used hot tub home and placed where you want it, it is time to thoroughly clean the hot tub. There are many quality disinfectants available that you can use to rinse out the inside of your spa. I suggest that you use a disinfectant level of 3-5 parts bromine or chlorine to kill any potential bacteria.

Once you have rinsed out your used hot tub and filled it with the correct amount of water and chemicals, I suggest that you use a “shock treatment” in order to break down any organic contaminants. Organic contaminants include dirt, soap films, oils, perspiration, ammonia and nitrates. Unfortunately, the filters in used hot tubs do not always trap these and other very small particles. If allowed to remain in the water, they can provide a food source for bacteria and algae.

I hope this overview has provided you with some valuable information regarding what to look for in used hot tubs! Following the previously mentioned steps will allow you to find a unit that fits into your budget as well as meeting your personal preferences!

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