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Coleman Hot Tubs

Coleman hot tubs are known for being a quality hot tub at an affordable price.

This is why they are one of the industry leaders and why their hot tubs are extremely popular with so many people.

When you buy a Coleman hot tub you are not just buying a hot tub but you are getting the support of a company that is dedicated to making sure everything about your new hot tub is perfect for your needs.

They utilize the latest technology to ensure that their hot tubs stand out from the rest and that your new spa will last for years and years.ColemanHotTubs

Coleman Hot Tub Features

When it comes to size Coleman has a wide range of spas to choose from.

You will find Coleman spas anywhere from a 2 person hot tub all the way up to a 10 person, 17 foot swim spa. When it comes to different types of models they have 4 types to choose from, their swim spas, their traditional spas, their Inflatable hot tubs and their Rotomold spas.

The Coleman Rotomold™ spas are something new to Coleman’s line of hot tubs and are created using a unique rotational molding process in which the shell is formed by heating and spinning powder-coated plastic on two axes to create the desired shape.

This method of creating the shell makes it much more flexible as well as durable meaning that your Rotomold hot tub is going to last for many, many years.

Coleman Spas and Hot Tubs

Coleman Spa Technology

When it comes to the technology that Coleman hot tubs utilize they have several innovations.

One of these is their patented PureCure™ water purifying system, this system uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses, algae and bacteria. What makes this system so unique is that it accomplishes this without using any harmful chemicals.

They also use a Flow-Thru™ manifold to improve water efficiency, a Green Friction heating fitting which automatically heats water as it circulates through the pump, a HyroClear™ ozonator which purifies water by utilizing active ozone bubbles and a Green Pack 40/50™ which uses smart technology to reduce operating costs.

This is a large part of why Coleman hot tubs have been recognized y the California Energy Commission as being energy efficient spas.

When it comes to insulation once again Coleman is at the top of the list for efficient hot tubs. They use an Energy Saver Thermo Layer™ which is an insulation blanket that provides additional protection from the elements.

They also use a ABS Bottom Armor™ which is a tray that locks in heat and keeps moisture out. Finally they have a tapered spa cover called Hydro-Armor™ which provides amazing insulation and protection.

Note* The features and technology talked about here applies to the hard shell style of Coleman hot tubs and not Coleman Inflatable hot tubs.

All in all, Coleman hot tubs are one of the best hot tubs for sale today.

To find more Information and to purchase a Coleman hot tub visit or check out one of your local retailers.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tubs

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs

Coleman only makes one Inflatable hot tub at the moment and that is the Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable hot tub. This Inflatable spa is one of Amazon’s “Best Sellers” and for good reason. 

Featuring a Lay-Z-Massage System, rapid heating system and an integrated water filtration system, this Inflatable hot tub can be purchased for under $400.

A TriTech 3 ply reinforced material is used to make the leatheroid and puncture resistant exterior. The heating system features a digital control panel with an automatic Start/Stop timer to make sure you are in full control of the water temperature.

Also featuring a sturdy I-beam construction and a separate air pad cushioned floor, this Coleman Inflatable hot tub is truly constructed with durability in mind.

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs for Outdoor or Indoor Use

One of the really cool things about Inflatable spas is that they can be used both outside and inside.

This means you can easily set up your hot tub right inside your home. Not to mention you can take your spa just about anywhere you want to go (as long as you have power for heating). This is just one of the reasons that Inflatable hot tubs are becoming more and more popular.

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub for Sale

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