Cal Spa Hot Tubs

Cal Spa Hot Tub

Cal Spa Hot Tub

Cal Spa hot tubs offer a private relaxing sanctuary to escape the pressures of the day.

Luxury hot tubs and discount spas allow you to enjoy rejuvenating hydrotherapy and are designed to complement your at-home resort at a remarkable value.

Whether you are looking for a cozy hot tub for two or a larger-sized spa for hosting hot tub parties, you will be able to find the best hot tub that is going to accommodate your needs and fit into your personal budget.

Cal Spa hot tubs allows you to create a constant source of entertainment where you and your loved ones can enjoy music, watch your favorite television programs and just share and enjoy each other’s company in the most relaxing place in the world—your home. Can you think of a better way to relax with friends and family?

Do you want to feel healthier, boost your energy and improve your overall quality of life? Well then Cal Spa hot tubs are made just for you! Experts agree that regular exercise is beneficial for your mind as well as your body. Frequent exercise has many benefits such as improving your cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of many health problems and increasing muscular strength and balance.

Cal Spa hot tubs stands apart from the competition by offering the best spa and hot tub features in the Home Resort industry. Discover how owning a Cal Spa hot tub can benefit you both mentally and physically!

You will be able to enjoy crystal clear hot tub water with unmatched water clarity solutions such as Bio-Clean filters, Ozonators and Bromine generators. Best of all, Cal Spa hot tubs are manufactured with a unique construction process so that you and your family will be able to enjoy relaxing hydrotherapy for years to come!

Each of the Cal Spa hot tubs come with LED lighting; while your body relaxes from the warm, swirling water inside of the hot tub, your mind will also relax with soothing chromatherapy. You can further enhance your spa experience with premium stereo equipment that is iPod-ready.

Options include iPod-ready receivers, satellite-ready receivers and powerful subwoofers. Each of these options features an elegant stereo housing recess with a smoke acrylic door for additional protection from the elements.

Bio-Clean filters are exclusive to Cal Spa hot tubs utilize a special agent called Microban; Microban protects the water within your hot tub from pathogens and bio-matter that can build up. In other words, this is a special antimicrobial technology that prevents harmful microbes from reproducing. The cleaning process is much simpler as all that is required is hosing down the filter once a month versus soaking it overnight in chemicals.

All Cal Spa hot tubs are designed with elegant and durable paneling that is used to protect your investment as well as adding a flair of sophistication to your home resort. The panels protect the spa equipment from potential damage from the elements but, if maintenance is required on the hot tub, they easily remove. Moreover, the underside of your hot tub will be protected with a resilient bottom tray that keeps out dirt, rain and pests.

In addition to all of the above mentioned advantages, all above-ground Cal Spa hot tubs come with a standard cover to maintain heat retention, lower operating costs and to prevent debris from entering into your spa and spoiling the water.  Each and every cover is equipped with child safety and security locks to protect young children from unsupervised entry into the hot tub.

In order to make the process of removing the cover easy, all Cal Spa hot tubs come equipped with a lift bar that can be used by one person. The cover lift can be mounted at the top or the bottom of the spa to match your backyard or garden design.

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