Cal Spa Hot Tubs Fitness Spas

Cal Spa Fitness Tub

Cal Spa Fitness Tub

Enjoy relaxation and a total body workout in the fitness spa of your choice from Cal Spa Hot Tubs.

Cal Spa hot tubs are the ultimate innovation and offer several models of fitness spas to choose from.

Cal Spa hot tubs give you the option of staying at home and meeting all of your relaxation and fitness needs.

Cal Flex fitness equipment transforms your Cal spa into the ultimate fitness training machine.

These spas are built for relaxation as they come with 24-57 jets, bubble molded floors, ergonomic seating, acrylic shells, and a water purification system that is built in.

Cal Spa fitness equipment options:

High resistance fitness bands and stainless steel oars offer a fabulous rowing workout while enjoying the soothing pulsation from adjustable water jets. These resistance bands may be used for strength training also, such as chest presses, bicep curls, and military presses.

A high power jet stream gives resistance for a strong swim or a nice jog. These fitness spas are nothing short of amazing for anyone that is into fitness and relaxation from their Cal Spa hot tubs.

Cal Spa features:

Cal Spa hot tubs feature movable jets that can be turned on or off depending on your personal preferences. The heat exchangers are reported to be some of the best available and electric and gas heaters can be added. Topside controls make it easy to adjust this spa.

The shell of Cal Spa hot tubs is made of acrylic and because of this will keep its luster for many years to come. Cal Spas water treatment system is reported to be top of the line and helps you to worry less about bacteria in your Cal Spa hot tub.

Before making your final decision, I suggest that you read as many hot tub reviews as possible. This will ensure that you are making the right decision before you invest.

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