Understanding Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

You Guide to Hot Tub Parts

Do you find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of the different kinds of hot tub parts that may be needed for your spa?

Well, I have put together a helpful guide so that you are aware of the major components that you may eventually need for your hot tub.

Spa Pumps

As far as hot tub parts go, the spa pump is of significant importance. The spa pump is what circulates the water through your hot tub. Actually, it’s a combination of a pump and a motor that powers the pump.

The spa pump is the second most expensive component in a spa pack and it is the one that is most likely to fail with excessive use. There are a few reasons why failure of a spa pump is almost unavoidable. If you think about it, spa pumps live in harsh environments and run often at high speeds pumping out hot water that contains chemicals and dirt.

The typical lifespan of a spa pump is anywhere between eight to ten years. There are cases where broken spa pumps can be fixed, but the manual labor that is entailed makes it not worth the time and effort.

In addition, repaired pumps are more likely to fail that a similar pump that has never been repaired. I would suggest that you just replace it by visiting your local hot tub parts retail location.

The Spa Blower

The spa blower which is sometimes referred to as a “spa bubbler” or “supercharger” adds air to the water that is being pumped through the air jets or injects air through small holes in the bottom of the hot tub. Blowers are the least expensive when it comes to hot tub parts as well as being the least used component in a spa pack.

Regardless of the age of your hot tub, if your blower breaks, you may consider replacing the entire blower rather than just the blower motor. An in-line blower check valve is one of the newest additions to the hot tub parts family. This piece will protect your blower from damage due to the back-flow of water when your jets are turned off after use.

The Spa Heater

Among the various hot tub parts that are out there on the market for purchase, the spa heater ranks right up there with the spa pump. The spa heater is a very important component that is required in order to be able to enjoy your hot tub. Think about it, if you don’t have warm water to slip into, you aren’t going to use your hot tub.

Let me discuss how you can go about checking your spa heater to make sure it is working to its full potential. First, open up the heater and take a look at the heater element. If it has a broken or burnt-looking spot on it or in any other way doesn’t look similar to the new one, it is safe to assume that you need a new heater element. Among all of the problems that come with owning a hot tub, damaged heater elements are the most common. The damage is a result of improper water chemistry and fortunately, this is a relatively simple repair.

Hot Tub Controls

Consequently, if your heater element looks ok, you will have to contact an electrician to diagnose the problem; which is either going to be in the heater unit or in the heater controls.  The approximate cost to have an electrician investigate this issue is right around $60, and to have it completely repaired would cost you in the neighborhood of $150.

So, as you can see, this isn’t too expensive and should be something that is financially manageable for you.  The controls of your hot tub have a life expectancy of approximately ten years and are relatively expensive when it comes to the replacement aspect. Typically, a new hot tub controls packs runs anywhere from $595 to $800, so make the most out of your investment and if you need to fix your old controller instead of buying a brand new one.

Remember, when it comes to hot tub parts, you want to maximize the use out of them in order to get the best value for your investments!

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