Overview of Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

A hot tub is compiled of several different parts that all must function properly in order for the unit to deliver a maximum level of performance.

It is important to replace any worn parts as soon as possible as if one particular part is not working correctly then other parts may be affected.

I have decided to provide a review of the various hot tub parts so that you can have a better understanding how each and every part affects the overall performance of the unit. In fact, there are so many intricate parts that I will be doing this review in several parts so that you don’t fall asleep while reading.

Well, let’s go ahead and dive right in! Any electromechanical spa equipment systems will consist of hot tub parts such as air buttons and air switches in order to control components such as jet pumps, lights and blowers. The buttons are connected to the control box air switches with air tubing that is quite flexible. This simply allows you to switch hot tub components on and off without having to directly deal with electricity while you are soaking inside of the hot tub.

Did you know that you can control the amount of air that is pumped out through the jet systems in your hot tub? The air control is a hot tub part that is located topside which controls the amount of air that is introduced into the hot tub’s jetting system. Turning the knob counter-clockwise will increase the flow of air while turning the knob clockwise will decrease of shut off the air completely.

Hot tub parts such as timer clocks are used in electromechanical hot tub control systems to control the run timing of the low speed pump circuit. This circuit operates the hot tubs heat, filtration and ozone functions. This type of circuit is beneficial as multiple on/off cycles can be preset to operate on a daily basis. Hot tub control systems that are electronic use solid-state electronics to control these cycles versus timers.

The contactor or relay is a switch that consists of two independent circuits which are responsible for operating hot tub parts such as the heater and the pumps. The lower power circuit controls and electromagnet which in turn operates the contacts, opening and closing the high power circuit. When there is no energy flowing through the control circuit, the spring will pull the contact armature away and the pumps or heater will be shut off.

I would have to say that among the various hot tub parts, the control system or box is the actual brain of any hot tub. The control system includes a clock timer which is commonly found in electromechanical systems along with various switching components as well as the spa’s heater.

Hot tub parts such diverter valves may not be found in all types of hot tubs. A diverter valve allows you to control the zone of the jet action in your hot tub. In other words, you can divert water from one group of jets to another, depending on your personal preferences which allows you to customize your soak.

As previously mentioned, in order for a hot tub to provide maximum performance, all of the hot tub parts must work properly as they each play an important role in the overall function of the unit. It is important to at the very least, have an understanding of the responsibility of each part, in order to prevent potential issues in the future. For further explanation of hot tub parts, please check out part two of my review.

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