Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

Having a general understanding of the various hot tub parts that make up your spa will help you as a hot tub owner in that you will be able to recognize potential problems that may occur and know which part needs replacing if damaged.

This is part two of my review of hot tub parts and continues where I left off at the end of part one.

Hot tub parts such as filter cartridges may be house inside of the skimmer or may be separately housed in a filter canister that will be located inside of the equipment enclosure.

These are available with bottom plumbing, top plumbing, pressure, suction or types that are even universal.

Hot tub parts that play an extremely important role in a hot tub operating correctly are the heater elements.The heater elements consist of special nichrome wires which create heat as a result of its resistance to the electricity flowing through it.

It is surrounded by a powdered ceramic and encapsulated in a very strong metal sheath. Something to keep in mind is that improper water chemistry within your hot tub can cause corrosion to heater elements which will ultimately cause equipment failure.

The heater manifold or your hot tub also plays an important part as far as hot tub parts are concerned. This part surrounds the heater element that was previously discussed, allowing water to flow through and exchange heat. Additionally, it may also house the high limit and pressure switch and has plumbing couplings on each end.

The high limit is a safety switch that remains closed unless there is a problem with excessive temperatures while using your hot tub. Once the temperature reaches its set point, it latches open, breaking the circuit. This simply prevents the heater from an overload if there is an equipment failure.

If this happens, you must wait for the temperature to return to normal and then it can be reset by pressing a button. Hot tub parts such as the high limit can be very expensive to replace!

The impeller is just one of the many hot tub parts that play a role in the overall role of a hot tub functioning properly. This particular part is located in the wet end of the pump and spins with the pump motor which pulls water into the suction side. The water is then forced out of the discharge end of the pump.

Ozonators are a prime example of hot tub parts that are used for water purification in hot tubs and spas. The ozonator is typically connected electrically to the hot tub’s controller and operates in conjunction with the low speed pump.

An ozone injector is responsible for introducing amounts of ozone into the jet lines. This is a device that draws the ozone into the water flow from the attached ozonator via flexible tubing or bypass manifold, using Venturi action.

Making sure that your heater does not meltdown if another part fails is an important lesson to learn, and an expensive one. Hot tub parts such as pressure switches are safety devices that will shut off the heater circuit if the water flow is interrupted. It will simply snap open if a pump fails or an air pocket forms.

Hopefully, at this point in my review of the various hot tub parts, you are starting to realize the role that each specific part plays in the overall function of a hot tub. As promised, I have written a third part to this review that outlines the remaining hot tub parts that should be considered.

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