Hot Tub Parts Reviewed: Part 3

Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

To figure out whether or not you have an electromechanical or electronic control system in your hot tub, simply look inside the hot tub’s control box.

If there are printed circuit boards inside of these hot tub parts, it is an electronic control system.

Do you ever which hot tub parts are responsible for moving the water within the spa?

Well, that would have to be the jet pumps.

They consist of the motor and wet end which contains an impeller. Most modern spa pumps are designed with two speeds and unions are installed at both ends.

In order to trap large debris from getting sucked into the filtration systems, hot tub parts such as skimmers are located at the waterline and may include a removable skimmer basket for ease of cleaning.

Spa packs are hot tub parts that are considered to be the brain and muscle of each and every hot tub. The packs may include the pump as well as the control system box which consists of the timer, the heater and various switching components. These are often referred to as spa skids or equipment systems.

The hot tub’s suction assembly is typically located in the footwell and returns circulated water to the pump. Hot tub parts like this incorporate a cover to prevent debris from entering inside of the pump which can cause damage. Depending on which type of spa you purchase, there may be more than one suction fitting as a safety feature.

Thermostats are hot tub parts that consist of a rotating control for setting the temperature level of the spa, and a capillary tube with an attached bulb that will allow you to raise the water temperature of the hot tub by a remote control. To ensure that your hot tub works properly, the thermostat must be placed inside of the spa plumbing between the suction point and the heater.

Thermowells are housing for hot tub parts such as thermostats and high limit bulbs and there are several types to choose from depending on which model of hot tub you own. For instance, there is a replacement thermowell for existing housing, a self-contained PVC thermowell fitting, and a sensor mount which allows direct retrofitting of a thermostat sensor by tapping a threaded hole into an existing spa plumbing.

Hot tub valves are typically located at the suction sides of the pumps as well as the heater outputs. The purpose of these valves is to allow removal of hot tub parts without the actual need for draining all of the water out of the hot tub first. This can be a very convenient feature to have for your at-home spa.

This has been quite a lengthy review of the various types of hot tub parts that are included in a complete at-home spa. I hope this information has helped you understand the importance that each and every part has in order for your spa to work at its maximum performance level. If you wish, you can print out this review for an even handier reference tool.

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