Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

Congratulations on being a owner of a brand new hot tub.

Now you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary components that are necessary to properly maintain your new investment.

Hot tub filters are replaceable devices that are full of small pores and fibers that filter out water in a hot tub.

Dirt, bacteria and other unwanted foreign particles are removed from the water when they pass through the pores and fibers. You can use your garden hose to spray off solid particles such as debris, but liquid particles such as soap film and oil, can only be removed by soaking the filter in chemical cleaners.

After you have soaked the filter in chemicals, it is important that you thoroughly rinse it off. Simply use your garden hose to spray carefully between the pleats of the filter; this will free the bacteria and algae from the pores of the cartridge.

In order to prevent the cartridge from being damaged, always avoid using high water pressure when cleaning the filter. You should also avoid cleaning tools such as a brush or your hands as the fiber in most hot tub filters is very delicate- always try to handle these parts with care. Hot tub filters keep your water quality high and also keep you and whoever uses your hot tub healthy.

Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by that statement. The hot tub filter’s responsibility is to remove foreign particles from the body of water inside of the tub. In order for the filter to work properly, it must be cleaned properly and on a regular basis. The maintenance of a hot tub filter depends on its size.

Small hot tub filters can be cleaned and reused more than once which can be an option that saves you money. However, just keep in mind that the smaller the filter is, the more it needs to be cleaned. Ask your spa dealer on the suggested replacement time of your filter as it may vary, but typically, the filter needs to be completely replaced once a year.

There is an explanation for this if you are curious as to why it is important to follow this replacement schedule; once a filter becomes loaded with dirt, it will not be able to function properly and this can cause damage to the pumps in the hot tub. As a result, if you neglect to replace your filter as suggested, it can lead to an excess of additional repairs.

The easiest way to go about maintaining your new investment is to “kill two birds with one stone.” What I mean by this is, make life easier on yourself and schedule the maintenance tasks that need to be done at the same time. For example, hot tub filters must be cleaned on a regular basis. So, every time you change the water in your hot tub, clean the hot tub filter as well.

By the way, depending on how often you and your family use the hot tub, the water should be changed every two weeks. You don’t want to waste time and energy on changing the water for your spa if it is just going to get infected with contaminants from the dirty hot tub filter. One additional tip I can give you is to completely air-dry the hot tub filter once it has been cleaned thoroughly. This will kill any bacteria that may have survived the cleaning process.

Another factor to consider in the maintenance process is the damage that calcium build-up can cause on hot tub filters. The calcium is harmful to the water and it can also corrode the pump in your spa if it is metal. There is an easy way to remove calcium from the water in your tub.

Simply use small amounts of muriatic acid to get rid of this unwanted visitor. Once you have cleaned the filter cartridge properly, soak it with muriatic acid that is mixed with water. The filter will be completely clean of any calcium once the bubbling action has stopped.

Excessive use of chemicals when cleaning hot tub filters can actually do more damage than good. For instance, if you use too much chemicals you can cause the filter’s fibers to weaken which will defeat the whole purpose of the filter in the first place. In order to avoid having to replace the filter on a regular basis, this can be costly, use water only when cleaning.

Finally, never use bleach, soap or household cleaning products when cleaning hot tub filters. As you may have already guessed, these products can damage the filter.

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