Guide for Purchasing Hot Tub Parts

If you own a hot tub, sooner or later you are going to have to purchase hot tubs parts. Eventually, all hot tubs break down.

The frames of hot tubs and spas last a long longer than their mechanical and electrical parts. I have put together this useful guide in order to help you know what to look for when that time comes.

When are new hot tubs necessary?

The question is when should you buy new hot tub parts? For most owners, the purchase of hot tub parts is not thought about until a breakdown of some kind is experienced.

For the most case, hot tub breakdowns are usually caused by the pump, motor, heater and filter parts. This is simply because these spa parts are part of both the mechanical and electrical systems.

Sooner or later, depending on how much you use your spa, any of the parts that were just mentioned are bound to break down.

If you have not experienced any problems with your hot tub for at least seven to ten years, then it is strongly recommended that you purchase and entire spa pack versus individual hot tub parts. A spa pack typically consists of the major mechanical and electrical components that are required in order for your hot tub to run properly.

These components include a hot tub controller, hot tub blower, hot tub motor, hot tub pump and a hot tub heater. The purchase of these items within a spa pack will save you a considerable amount of money as when priced separately, these necessary items carry a hefty price tag.

There are two types of controllers that are used with most types of hot tubs. If you have an older and less expensive hot tub, you will want to purchase a pneumatic controller. This controller is operated by compressed air and is less likely to break down.

On the other hand, if you have a newer style of tub then you will want to purchase an electronic controller. These are more expensive than the pneumatic style but offer greater programming control and diagnostic abilities in case of future problems with your hot tub parts.

As previously mentioned, spa packs contain the most important components of a hot tub. I am going to give you a breakdown of the individual hot tub parts in a spa pack:

Control Box

There are several hot tub parts that rely on controllers or control boxes. These parts are the blower, heater and pump. The circuit board is the primary component of a hot tub controller and if it breaks down, you will more than likely have to replace the entire controller.


The bubbling water effect of your spa is caused by the blower in the tub; the blower adds air to the water that is being pumped through the jets. Blowers are also commonly known as spa bubblers. There can be an exception to every rule and this certainly applies to the spa pack hot tub parts rule. If the blower in your hot tub breaks down, it is highly suggested that you only replace that individual part.


Another one of the hot tub parts that tends to break down often is the pump. The pump is responsible for consistently circulating the water in your spa and is powered by a hot tub motor.


Typically the hot tub heater is built right into the controller; this allows you to easily control the temperature of your spa. Compared to the other hot tub parts, this part is the one that must be replaced most often. You can easily tell if your heater needs to be replaced by a visual examination.

Filter system

Filter system hot tub parts rarely break down, but they do lose their effectiveness over time. These systems operate by either using suction or pressure. Keep in mind, that it is wise to replace this component every few years.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

It is very important that if you have purchased a 220-volt above ground hot tub that you make sure you have a ground fault circuit interrupter. This is critical to your safety as it helps to prevent electrical shock.

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