How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Hot Tub Filter

Hot Tub Filter

There are a variety of ways to clean a hot tub filter and all of them are effective.

You will get different results with each method, but they all work.

It is a good idea to avoid using laundry detergent, car wash soap, dish washing soap, or any bubbly type of soap.

The previously mentioned products will clean the filter but will not properly sanitize it. Besides, you don’t want your hot tub turning into a bubble bath in case you didn’t rinse the hot tub filter off good enough.

I would recommend using any of the following methods for cleaning your hot tub filters.

A hot tub filter cleaner is a simple degreaser that you can purchase at most stores that sell pools and spas. There are two different ways that you can use this cleaner. If you are not in a hurry to clean the hot tub filter, you can dilute it with water and soak it overnight.

If you want to complete this task a bit quicker, you can put some into a spray bottle and generously spray down the hot tub filter and let it sit for about 15 minutes or so.

Finally, make sure that you hose the filter down with water to ensure that the degreaser has been completely removed. On a side note, degreaser can cause bubbles which mean a ton of foam in your hot tub, so make sure that you hose down the hot tub filter extremely well.

Using Muratic acid to clean the hot tub filter is the old fashioned way. All you have to do is dilute some Muratic acid with water and soak your filter overnight. This chemical can be found at your local pool and spa store. Keep in mind that when you are dealing with any type of acid, make sure that you wear rubber gloves when handling. You don’t want to burn your skin.

In case you do get some of the acid on your skin, contact your local poison authority or doctor to find out how to take care of the burn. Another popular way to clean your hot tub filter is by simply mixing some chlorine and water together and soaking the filter in this solution. I suggest soaking your hot tub filter in the solution overnight. This will ensure that your hot tub filter is sparkling clean!

If you already use chlorine in your hot tub, this is a method that will allow you to save some money while cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub filter. If you are like most hot tub owners, you are looking to find the best deals possible on products that are required in order to properly maintain your hot tub.

Proper maintenance of your hot tub including hot tub chemicals will help to prolong the life of your investment. The various tips that I have discussed previously will enable you to fully enjoy your hot tub while remaining clear from any bacteria or germs that can build up.

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