How to Care for Hot Tub Filters


Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

Unfortunately, many problems that hot tub owners end up dealing with ultimately trace back to the hot tub filters.

Make sure that you contact someone to see if the hot tub filter could be the problem before placing a service call that will ultimately cost you a huge amount of money. It is better to be safe than sorry.

According to the manufacturers, hot tub filters should always be changed once a year. This will help to ensure that the water in your hot tub is safe for hot tub users.

Using hot tub filters that are dirty can be bad for your health and damage your hot tub as well.

It is important to make sure that you power off your hot tub before you inspect or change the hot tub filter. Your hot tub came with an instruction manual that will serve as a guide for you and provide you with instructions on how to locate the hot tub filter, remove the hot tub filter, and replace it with a new one.

Sometimes, you may be able to reuse the hot tub filter for a period of time if you have properly cleaned it out. Keep in mind you should only do this if the hot tub filter has no cracks in it, if it can hold the shape, and if it does not feel limp at all. By doing this, it will give you more time to go out and purchase a new hot tub filter.

Hot tub filters have a maximum lifespan of two years and after this time frame has been reached, you will need to discard the hot tub filter. The material that makes up the hot tub filter will stretch as the filter continues to get older.

As the material of the hot tub filter stretches out, more and more dirt and debris is able to get through the filter and could end up causing your hot tub pump to clog.

One suggestion I have for you is to make sure you periodically check your hot tub filter every few weeks. It will be much more affordable to replace the hot tub filter versus the hot tub pump and can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Also, if the hot tub filter happens to be damaged or has been broken, never reuse it.

To ensure that you have disrupted use of your hot tub, make sure that you keep other hot tub filters on hand at all times in case you need it.

If you are unsure of the size of your hot tub filter, you can measure it at the widest point from one edge to the other edge. This will give you the diameter of the filter. It is important to measure the length of the hot tub filter as well; this can be accomplished by measuring from the outside edge of the one end cap to the other outside edge.

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