Hot Tub Covers: Variety of Choices

Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Cover

Don’t think for a second that all hot tub covers are the same.

They definitely are not. There’s one special cover built for every hot tub. And they all differ in shape, style, and material. Hot tub covers are a must-have necessity for every owner.

Hot tub covers don’t only protect your precious hot tub. It can also serve other purpose like child proofing your tub or for providing a good surface when the tub is not in use.

Covers may run anywhere from $150 to $800. The price varies upon the type of the cover itself.

Here are the most popular types of covers:

1. Insulating covers

Insulating covers are the most used type of cover in the industry today. These hot tub covers efficiently protect the tub from heat loss, help retain the chemicals in the water and keep debris and other foreign matter from entering the tub.

They are usually made of quality insulating foam to ward off foreign elements and unnecessary objects away from the tub. The denser and the thicker the foam used, the better durability you are going to get.


2. Rolling covers

These hot tub covers can be made of either foam or wood. What makes them unique is the rolling feature. You can easily roll it off the tub and enjoy a good hour’s worth of soaking. No need to ask somebody to lift a heavy cover just so you can use the hot tub. It can protect as good as the insulating cover types and is also capable of resisting UV’s.

3. Aluminum Covers

As its name suggests, these hot tub covers are made of quality aluminum. Aluminum is a type of metal that is light and rust-free. Most aluminum hot tub covers can withstand as must as 1000 pounds of weight over it. And it is the strongest type of cover there is. It is so tough you need not buy any other cover at all because this type could last you a lifetime.

4. Soft covers

Soft hot tub covers are the most economical covers around. It does not have any foam or Styrofoam in its body. This one’s foldable and is very easy to store. Soft hot tub covers usually sells for a little over a hundred dollars.
These are your choices for hot tub covers. If you are looking to buy one today, check out each of these types and see which one fits your needs and your budget the most. Hot tubs can be considered as a big investment to any home. Better complement it with the cover that would protect it most!

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