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A hot tub cover is often heavy and can be difficult to move, especially for a smaller person.

The good news is that there are hot tub cover lifts available that connect your spa to the hot tub cover to remove it automatically. This makes it possible for one person to remove the hot tub cover alone.

These lifts usually cost anywhere from $100-$200 , depending on the type of lift that is needed for the space where your jacuzzi sits.

This can be expensive overall since the hot tub cover usually costs anywhere between $100-$500, depending on the type of cover that you need for the environment where the spa is located.

Hot Tub Cover Styles

Hot Tub Cover

Hard Covers

If your household has pets or small children that might inadvertently walk on the cover of your jacuzzi then a hard hot tub cover that can withstand the weight of several individuals is probably the best option for safety reasons.

This will prevent your children or pets from falling through the cover if they happen to climb on top of your spa.

These hot tub covers are usually the most expensive on the market and are also bulky and difficult for one person to move around. It is suggested to use a hot  tub cover lift with these heavier covers.

Hard Topped Covers

There is also what is known as a hard topped hot tub cover that is designed to be able to withstand some weight, but not usually the full weight of an individual.

This means that if the hot tub is located inside there can be some baskets or plants that can be placed on the top of the cover to make it look more decorative when not in use, and protect the hot tub from dirt and other materials.

If the tub is placed outside where there are a lot of trees and bushes, the hard topped hot tub cover protects it from any branches that might fall on it without becoming torn like a soft cover can.

Soft Hot Tub Covers

Soft Hot Tub Cover

A soft hot tub cover is usually used when the hot tub is located in a fairly open environment or is indoors where there does not need to be anything placed on top of it.

These covers usually have a lot of tie down straps that help to secure it in place and are even found in child proof versions so that small children cannot open the cover.

Any of these types of covers help to protect the hot tub from materials getting into it, as well as helping to preserve the heat of the tub so that the heater does not have to run as hard to maintain the heat required in the hot tub.

If you already own a jacuzzi and are looking for a cover make sure and think of the issues you may face with where it is located.

If you are getting ready to purchase a spa and are wondering if you need a hot tub cover, you need to consider where exactly you will be placing your spa and what hazards it may face.

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