Hot Tub Chemicals: Sanitizers


Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot tub chemicals are required in order to ensure a healthy, relaxing, and safe hot tub experience.

There are many different chemicals that perform distinct functions that you should be aware of in order to get the correct balance of chemicals to water. This will also ensure that the water in your hot tub is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Typically, there is a lot of confusion in regards to understanding what hot tub chemicals are needed for your hot tub. There are many possible complications that can arise and you must be able to deal with them adequately.

Each of the hot tub chemicals needed for your hot tub has its own specific job except for bromine, chlorine, minerals, and ozone. These chemicals all perform the same functions. In any case, the most important hot tub chemicals that are needed are the sanitizers.

The sanitizer helps maintain your hot tub and helps to kill all of the bacteria from the water. Taking a relaxing soak in water that has not been sanitized will be asking for trouble and is something that must be strictly avoided.

Chlorine is a popular choice among the various hot tub chemicals that can be used as a sanitizer. Most hot tub owners prefer using chlorine granules to chlorine tablets. On the other hand, if you are interested in purchasing a tablet that gives off a decent smell, then I suggest using Bromine tablets which is a combination of chlorine and sodium bromide.

Mineral purifiers are another choice that can sanitize much of the contamination that is found in hot tub water. These purifiers can be placed directly into the hot tub filter cartridge and slowly get released into the water to sanitize your hot tub effectively.

In regards to purchasing suitable spa and hot tub chemicals you will find that many of the items are common to both applications. Sanitizers and balancers are commonly used in both hot tubs as well as in spas and these you can find from any good store – especially those that sell online.

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