Hot Tub Chemical Instructions

Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemicals

Why are Hot Tub Chemicals Important?

Now that you are a proud owner of your very own hot tub, you may need some general instructions on how to properly maintain the tub by using hot tub chemicals.

I am going to discuss some important steps to help you with maintenance of your hot tub.

First you will want to drain your hot tub water every 3 to 4 months, depending on how often it is used. However, if your hot tub has an ozonator, changing the hot tub water may only be necessary every 8 – 12 months.

Next, you will add ½ cup bleach to 3 gallons of water and sponge clean your hot tub shell.

This is going to ensure that you are properly destroying any bacteria or germs that have accumulated in the hot tub. Rinse with fresh water and dry the hot tub with large towels.

The hot tub filter should be cleaned once a month with hot tub chemicals or more frequently, depending on how often the tub is used. Simply soak the filter overnight in filter fresh and rinse well before replacing in the hot tub.

Next, you are going to refill the hot tub with fresh water to the recommended level in the tub. The water line should be approximately half way up the top skimmer.

Once the temperature of your hot tub reaches about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), you can start adding the hot tub chemicals. The warm water will allow the granular hot tub chemicals to dissolve properly.

Now it is time to test the pH level of your water. You want to make sure that the level of the water is between 7.6 and 8.2. Allow the water in the hot tub to filter for 30 minutes before retesting the pH. Finally, add 1 capful of stain and scale control product such as protect plus and 1 capful of spa water clarifier.

These hot tub chemicals will clarify the water and also reduce scum-lines and odors caused by body oils and cosmetic products.

Proper maintenance of your hot tub can be simple as long as you understand the important role that the hot tub chemicals play.

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