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Hot Tub Parts Reviewed: Part 3

Spa packs are hot tub parts that are considered to be the brain and muscle of each and every hot tub. The packs may include the pump as well as the control system box which consists of the timer, the heater and various switching components. These are often referred to as spa skids or equipment systems.

Hot Tub Parts

Having a general understanding of the various hot tub parts that make up your spa will help you as a hot tub owner in that you will be able to recognize potential problems that may occur and know which part needs replacing if damaged. This is part two of my review of hot tub parts and continues where I left off at the end of part one.

Overview of Hot Tub Parts

I have decided to provide a review of the various hot tub parts so that you can have a better understanding how each and every part affects the overall performance of the unit. In fact, there are so many intricate parts that I will be doing this review in several parts so that you don’t fall asleep while reading.

Hot Tub Filters

Congratulations on being a owner of a brand new hot tub. Now you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary components that are necessary to properly maintain your new investment. Hot tub filters are replaceable devices that are full of small pores and fibers that filter out water in a hot tub.

Guide for Purchasing Hot Tub Parts

If you own a hot tub, sooner or later you are going to have to purchase hot tubs parts. Eventually, all hot tubs break down. The frames of hot tubs and spas last a long longer than their mechanical and electrical parts. I have put together this useful guide in order to help you know what to look for when that time comes. When are new hot tubs necessary? The question is when should you buy new hot tub parts? For most owners, the purchase of hot tub parts is not thought about until a breakdown of some kind is experienced.

Understanding Hot Tub Parts

You Guide to Hot Tub Parts Do you find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of the different kinds of hot tub parts that may be needed for your spa? Well, I have put together a helpful guide so that you are aware of the major components that you may eventually need for your hot tub. Spa Pumps As far as hot tub parts go, the spa pump is of significant importance. The spa pump is what circulates the water through your hot tub. Actually, it’s a combination of a pump and a motor that powers the pump. The spa pump is the second most expensive component in a spa pack and it is the one that is most likely to fail with excessive use. There are a few reasons why failure of a spa pump is almost unavoidable. If you think about it, spa pumps live in harsh environments and run often at high speeds pumping out hot water that contains chemicals and dirt. The typical lifespan of a spa pump is anywhere between eight to ten years. There are cases where broken spa pumps can be fixed, but the manual labor that is entailed makes it not worth the time and effort.

Hot Tub Filters Keep Your Water Clean

Hot tub filters are a crucial component for any well-maintained hot tub; these filters keep the water clean and pure. Since there are so many different types of hot tubs that are available to purchase, choosing the correct filter for your particular model is very important. This can be accomplished with a little bit of research. What Does a Hot Tub Filter Do? Many dealers suggest that you use a pre-filter the first time you fill your hot tub. The pre-filter is easy to use; simply attach it to the end of your garden hose. The pre-filter removes any metals and bacteria directly from the source.

So Many Hot Tub Parts

There are a variety of hot tub parts that are needed in order for your tub to run smoothly and efficiently. The very first thing you should do before making this type of investment is to spend some time educating yourself on how hot tubs work and what exactly is required to properly maintain them.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

There are a variety of ways to clean a hot tub filter and all of them are effective. You will get different results with each method, but they all work. It is a good idea to avoid using laundry detergent, car wash soap, dish washing soap, or any bubbly type of soap. The previously mentioned products will clean the filter but will not properly sanitize it. Besides, you don’t want your hot tub turning into a bubble bath in case you didn’t rinse the hot tub filter off good enough.

How to Care for Hot Tub Filters

Unfortunately, many problems that hot tub owners end up dealing with ultimately trace back to the hot tub filters. Make sure that you contact someone to see if the hot tub filter could be the problem before placing a service call that will ultimately cost you a huge amount of money. It is better to be safe than sorry.